Enjoying the dream come true.


After delivery of the yacht you should enjoy being and sailing on it. Also in this phase we can provide you assistance.


Warranty period.

Inevitably there will be some teething problems, generally small, sometimes big, a modern luxury yacht being a custom built complex piece of machinery.

During the warranty period Veeman Superyacht Consultancy BV can help you and the crew to manage the warranty claims and their solutions. This includes assessing possible claims, submitting them, discussing solutions and overseeing the actual warranty work. We can also take care of the warranty paperwork that is connected.


Refit and maintenance.

The day to day maintenance of a yacht is taken care of by the crew. We can assist the crew for the bigger maintenance, overhaul or refit jobs in drafting specifications and helping in the tendering process, the selection of the contractor and in overseeing the actual work with regard to quality, budget and time.

We will participate in project progress meetings and will report to you on the status of the refit.

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