Please find below a brief summary of education and work history of Sjoerd Veeman.


Education :

1965 - 1971 :        Stedelijk Gymnasium at Leeuwarden. Completed with exams in β(science) department.

1971 - 1978 :        Technical University in Delft. Completed with degree (master level) in naval architecture.


Work experience :

1978 - 2005 :      Shipyard Amels in Makkum. During this period :

1978 - 1987 :      designer in design department. Designed various kinds of commercial vessels.

1980 - 1985 :      manager of design department.

1985 - 1987 :      manager of design and estimating department.

1987 - 1990 :      manager of technical department, only involved with superyachts. Responsible for design, specification, estimates and proposals for superyachts.

1990 - 1996 :      project manager for yacht projects, newbuilding and refit, but specialised in refit/repair projects, doing project survey, proposal development, costing and specifying, and project execution. Responsible for a long list of refit projects ranging from <1 million Euro to >10 million Euro in cost and from 3 to 12 months of project duration.

1996 - 2002 :      managing director of Amels Holland, responsible for all yard operations, including sales. Setting up a second production facility in Vlissingen in the last few years from 1999 onwards and restructuring the company to reflect the principle of central sales and design with 2 decentralised production facilities.

2002 - 2005 :      director of Amels Makkum and technical director of Amels Holland. Responsible for production of yachts in Amels Makkum and for design and engineering in Amels Holland. Setting up of a quality assurance program and a quality control and standardisation program for the whole Group of companies.

2005 - present :  Owner and director of Veeman Superyacht Consultancy BV. During this period :

                         - general assistance to Amels Makkum for completion of m.y. Lady Ann.

                         - inspection of 50 meter existing motoryacht for interested Buyer.

                         - feasibility study for acquisition and transformation of commercial repair yard into megayacht service center for interested Buyer.

                         - general consultancy to big German yard for production of 60+ meter yacht.

                         - general assistance to big Italian yachtbuilder for development of outline specifications.

                         - inspection of an existing tug for conversion into yacht for interested Buyer.

                         - general consultancy for development and Construction of 45 meter motoryacht for Owner.

                         - quality and progress inspection on 62 meter yacht under construction for Owner.

                         - assistance to Dutch shipyard in coaching Young project manager for 60+ meter yacht.

                         - general consultancy to big Italian shipyard for development and production of 130+ meter yacht and for adapting the commercial shipyard to yachtbuilding.

Veeman Superyacht Consultancy BV

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E-mail  :  s.veeman@vsyc.nl

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